Finding Your Legislators

With attacks on labor unions and working people coming from every direction, here’s a quick list of ways to identify and contact your elected officials in this area:

For Federal Representatives you can call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and they’ll help direct your call. Or go to: and simply enter your zip code for a complete list of your Federal Senators and Reps along with their contact information.

For Iowa State legislators, you can also find them using your zip code here:

Illinois offers an interactive map to help you locate your State Legislators here:

And Missouri offers a look-up by zip code at this page:

Finally, IAMAW Local 1010 maintains a list of Town Hall and other public meetings in this area on it’s public Facebook page listed in the Events section if you’d prefer to get a group together and speak with them in person when they’re in town.